"Innovation has become the blood of our society and virtuality is our new reality."


Started in 2022, Panopticon is Teto's genesis long form collection, a digital artist with over a decade of experience as an art director for the music industry and a web developer. After numerous collections exploring the recurring theme of perception in the digital age, Teto delved deeper into the human-screen relationship with this collection.


Drawing inspiration from science fiction luminaries like Ray Bradbury, Alain Damasio, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Isaac Asimov, Panopticon reflects the genre's core concepts: technology will deeply transform humanity and the way humans behave with each others. Virtuality will overshadow the real world and people will mostly interact with avatars or robots. Innovation - if not mastered - will create even more social fracture instead of bringing people together. Visually the collection is widely inspired by anime culture, from Paprika and Full Metal Alchemist to Akira and Evangelion, the bright colors, shapes and movement defined the global direction of Panopticon. Straying from either techno-solutionism or techno-doom, Teto navigates a middle ground, mitigating and balancing these extremes in a vibrant, dynamic, and impactful manner.


When I started working on this collection back in October 2022 it began as it always do: with an instinct, an idea that stick to your guts. Even tho I have ve been a web developer for quite some years now, I never been really fluent in Javascript, so when I decided to throw my tablet and my pencil to grab p5.js, it was quite a jump. This year been the most profitable year of my life artistically-wise: I grew as an artist, as a human and my field of view expanded.- teto

About the authors

Teto, artist

Mixed-media artist, natively digital, I've been creating art with computer for the past 20 years.

TokenFox, contract Magician

Creator of onchainchecker.xyz. Curator and collector of on-chain NFTs. Solidity programmer.

Is Panopticon On-Chain?

Yes. Panopticon is stored and generated on-chain. The thumbnails are not stored on-chain.

Where and when is the auction?

The 60-minute Dutch auction will take place on this website on the 14th of November at 10 am PST / 01 pm EST / 6 pm CEST. The auction will have no time extension, which will be closed forever when it reaches the 60-minute mark.

How much does it cost to mint one?

The Dutch auction will have a starting price of 0.2 ETH, going down to 0.05 ETH during the 60-minute Dutch auction. If the whole collection mints out before 60 minutes, the final price will be equal to the last sale's price. You don't have to worry about paying a higher price, as buyers will be entitled to a rebate if the price they paid is higher than the final price. Allowlisted wallets will also be eligible for a discount.

What is the collection size?

A total of 600 NFTs will be available for mint. If less than 600 NFTs are sold during the 60-minute Dutch auction, the supply will be reduced to the number of NFTs minted.

On which chain?

Panopticon will be launched on the Ethereum Mainnet.